About Us

Renmark West Primary School is nestled amongst the vineyards and orchards on the outskirts of Renmark. As a medium sized school it caters for the educational needs of between 150-200 students.

We pride ourselves in a strong focus on the wellbeing of our students and promoting positive relationships across our whole school community and a commitment to strong school values.

Our students are engaged and active in the learning and have a strong voice providing feedback to their teachers and setting learning goals for themselves. They use the language of learning and can talk about their learning styles and strategies.

Students access the Australian Curriculum across 8 learning areas and are encouraged to develop thinking and problem solving skills and to engage actively in their learning.

As a ‘Visible Learning School’ we have a commitment to developing learning dispositions that support improved learning in all our classrooms.

We promote the following learning dispositions:

  • Innovation – I will be creative in my thinking and learning
  • Risk Taking – I will try new challeging things
  • Resilience – I will bounce back when I make mistakes and learn from them
  • Communication – I will share my learning with others verbally and non-verbally
  • Reflection – I will think about what I have done well, what I can improve on what I could do differently
  • Persistance – I will keep trying and won’t give up when faced with a challenge
  • Curious – I will think, wonder and ask questions
  • Self-Managing – I will be organised and plan for my learning and ask for help when I need it

We promote 5 core values across our school from ‘Play is the Way’

  • Treat other as you would like them to treat you
  • Be have and participate to progress
  • Pursue your professional best no matter who you work with
  • Have reasons for the things you say and do
  • It takes great strenth to be sensible

These principles underpin all our learning and social interactions within the school.

School Uniforms
Our school colours are bottle green and gold and uniforms can be purchased from Tristate Graphics in Renmark. Year 7 students design their own tops for the final year of primary school and these are ordered and delivered for the start of the school year.
Student Opportunities
Our students are actively involved in sporting opportunities offered across the region. Students represent our school in SAPSASA sport and are selected to represent the Riverland at District sporting events.
Events include: – netball, basketball, football, soccer, cross country running, athletics and swimming.
Clinics are offered at the school by sporting groups to promote individual sports and encourage involvement.
Our school trains a choir each year to participate in the Riverland Music Festival during term 3. Individual students have the opportunity to learn to play a range of instruments and participate in the Riverland instrumental music band.
An end of year concert in term 4 provides all our students with the opportunity to perform for their parents and the community.
Student Leardership
A Student Representative Council is elected from each of the classes and serves for 6 months. During this time they are involved in decision making and school improvement activities.
All our classes hold regular class meetings and students are encouraged to raise issues and develop possible solutions.
A year 7 leadership day is held at the start of each year and our year 7 students attend with year 7 students from all Renmark Schools. Activities on the day promote and develop leadership and encourage students to develop positive relationships with other year 7s in preparation for transition to high school.

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