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Global Partnerships

This page has been designed to showcase the partnerships that students and teachers from Renmark West Primary School are developing with schools from around the world.

Valley Primary School

Mr Foote and the Year 6/7 class have been sending video diaries to Valley Primary School in England. Mr Murphy and Mr Foote have been exchanging videos with their respective classes since 2006/2007. Renmark West students have been involved with this from the start of 2008. 

Valley Primary School is located in Norwich, England. The city has a population of 120,000 with a long history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. Norwich has over 30 medieval churches within the city walls alone. Admiral Horatio Nelson attended school in Norwich from 1767 to 1768.

In stark contrast to Norwich's history, it has a population pushing the digital revolution forward: Norwich is the eBay capital of the UK, figures show nearly half (44%) of Norwich's total population is registered to trade on the UK site, the highest proportion of users from any town in the country. - Ebay 2005.

"Valley Primary School is proud of its association with Renmark West Primary School. In particular, the monthly video diary swap with pupils in Australia. The production of the videos emphasise the children's understanding of topics while improving well-being, happiness and healthy living. The social aspect of the videos allows the children to express themselves, since the first video was sent to Australia in 2006 I have seen a great improvement in the children's confidence each year. The next step to begin communicating through an online forum." - Mr Murphy.

Video Diaries

Pupils at Renmark West have been enjoying producing video diaries since the start of the 2008. Teachers at respective schools in year 5 (VPS) and Year 6/7 (RWPS) co-ordinate topics in an attempt to help engage pupils’ ability to answer one-anothers’ questions. Examples of these videos will be coming to the Renmark West Primary School Website in the near future.